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From the desk of Powell Wong,

Author, “Get Windows 8 or 10 Activated Now”

Dear Fellow Microsoft Products User,

If you are looking for downloading Windows 8 or 10, product key and the activation guide, then you come to the right place!

Are you still using the old version of Microsoft operating system (OS) and wanted to experience the new features of Win 8 or even Win 10 – but it’s too expensive for you?

Also, maybe you have trial Windows 8 or 10 before, but after certain periods of time, you are required to activate the program – this is where you get stuck!

No matter what is your problem, here I have the complete solution for you. Introducing …

Get Windows 8 or 10 Activated Now Cover

“Get Windows 8 or 10 Activated Now”

“Let’s See The Contents of This E-book?”

Here are what you can expect to get from this ebook:

  • Knowing the Win 8/10 system requirements is critical before you get/upgrade to a newer OS!
  • Different Windows 10 and 8 editions, which one is most suitable for you?
  • Where you can download Windows 10 or 8 installation files for free? and how install it.
  • Guide to update and download the final version of Win 8.1.1.
  • Thinking of install or upgrade to latest OS but no valid product key? We revealed the product keys for different editions of Win 10 in the ebook.
  • Free download the 100% tested working version of the loader (activator) are provided!
  • Do you need the language packs and where to get it for free?
  • Links to freely access/download several OS related e-books for your own references.

Then, I know some of you may have difficulty to get the valid Window 10/8 product key and hence unable to install & activate OS in your computer.

“Now Your Problem For Windows 10 or 8 Product Key

and Activation – Solved!”

With the ‘Get Windows 8 or 10 Activated Now’, you can freely download the installation files. You can choose to download either 32-bit or 64-bit version of the OS.

After downloaded Window installation files, what’s next?

Yes, install it. You can use the downloaded files and install the OS on your computer. The installation is pretty straightforward. The all editions product key also provided in case you need it during the installation process.

Then, how to activate your copy of Window successfully?

If you follow the guide in the ebook, you are required to download the Windows activator/loader. There are 4 activators available for free download and the step-by-step instructions on where to download and how to use the activators are provided too!

Okay I Want This! How Much Do I Have To
Invest For This Incredible Book?”

Let’s do a quick research here…

You should know that to get a copy of Microsoft OS alone it costs from $119.99 to $199.99 (depend to the version that you get)!

If you need training, you could easily pay $50 – $75 bucks per month for an online membership that teaches Window 10/8 and you’ll probably go to a few times (that’s over $600.00 per year!).

But don’t worry. My ebook isn’t going to cost you anywhere near that. In fact, if you buy it now, you are guaranteed the extremely low price of $9.97.

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I say “better-than-risk-free” because…

If within 30 days, you had tried to download the Windows installation files and use the activator but FAILED or unable to activate Win 8/10, just let me know and you will get a refund. The e-book is yours to keep – you won’t even have to return it!

That means you can’t lose no matter what!

So you see, with the total confidence of my cast-iron guarantee and backed with highly professional support, I have gone to great lengths to ensure your success.

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To your success,

Powell Wong.