Download Microsoft Office 2010/2013/2016 Activator Now

Microsoft Office is one of the world widely used programs because they have many applications that can really help us in our daily tasks. In fact, many PC users were using those programs more long time. The most well-known apps are Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.

Depending on the individual needs, MS Office also comes with many versions and editions. From the earlier versions of Office 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 to the latest Office 2016 and Office 365, the programs is keep improving in term of features and functionalities.

Actually, the entire package of applications is already a ‘must-have’ for almost all PC users. Even though you can find similar applications out there, but it’s less features and also not free. Microsoft Office is not free and hence we need to buy the license key to activate the program.

The product key for MS Office 2016 is not cheap too, for example it costs $149 for the Office Home & Student; Office Home and Business ($229); and Office Professional ($399). In case you feel expensive, here is an alternative free way to activate the product!


The Free Microsoft Office Activator

microsoft office activator

Same like other programs, Microsoft Office required you to purchase a valid license key (product key) in order to validate it’s genuine or not on your computer. The process is called product activation.

To activate the product, you either can purchase a license key to activate it online or you can use the third-party program called Microsoft Office activator. The advantage of using the activator is that you can download the tool online for free and activate it while the Microsoft Office product key is not cheap.

But you may found that unlike Windows activators you can easily found it, the Office activator not easy to find. The real situation is that many Windows tools claim that you can use the activator to activate both Windows and Office BUT actually you can’t or difficult.

So, here we will let you know the two proven tools that you can use for MS Office activation.


  1. Microsoft Toolkit (MTK)

This is a set of toolkit for managing licensing, deploying, and activating Microsoft Office and MS Windows. If you want to activate MS Office (any editions), this toolkit is your first choice.

The operation of MTK is pretty straight forward. To activate MS Office, once you open it click the Office icon at the bottom of the screen to bring out the Office toolkit. In the Activation tab, click the green EZ-Activator button if you want scheduled tasks and autokms installed. If you install AutoKMS you will need to add an exclusion in your anti-virus program for c:\windows\autokms\autokms.exe

Alternatively, you also can click the Activate button (without the EZ) and it will just activate Office that one time, and you will need to do it again within 180 days (6 months). This is called manual activation and it works flawlessly.

Please note that all the KMS solutions do not require internet connection as they run emulated KMS server services. Click here for more info.

Download the Microsoft Toolkit v2.6 Here.


  1. KMS Auto Net

This is another tool that you can use to activate Microsoft Office especially if you are using the VL (Volume Licensing) pack.  More information on Microsoft Office VL edition and download can be found here.

So this tool is great for MS Office Volume License activation. Even if you are using the retail version of MS Office, you can try to use the activator but no guarantee you can activate it. But the retail version also can be converted to VL edition.

The user interface of KMS auto net is simple and just 2-clicks you can activate your system or Office program. This application can also be use to activate Windows. For more info about this loader, visit this page.

Download the KMSauto Net Latest Version Here.


Conclusion: Microsoft Office Activator an Activate the Program Too!

No doubt that the two activators recommended on this page can do the Office activation pretty good without much problems. Please note that there are many sites provide the tools but it’s not clean.

Just to be honest, these are the crack tools and hence some antivirus or Win defender may flag it. Just proceed with caution as the program itself is not harmful to your computer.

We provide the tools to help you try the software features for free. Once you can afford, please support the software manufacturer by purchasing an original license key.

Use it at your own risk. Happy trying!