Do You Needs Windows 10 Activation Key?

Windows 10 was released to the market back in July, 2015 and it was the most used operating system (OS) in the recent years. So if you’re still using the older operating system, consider to upgrade to the latest OS now.

Whether you want to install a fresh copy, reinstall or upgrade the existing OS to the latest Win 10, you need to use the activation key.

windows 10 activation keyThe activation key also called product key, serial number or serial key. It’s a 25-character serial number that are use to install and activate the program/system.

But with the latest Win 10, there are 2 methods to activate it; one is using the product key while the other method is using digital entitlement. More info on Win 10 activation can be found here.


Download Windows 10 Installation Files?

The release of Window 10 to the market makes another milestone for Microsoft. It received many positive responses from users all around the world. Within few days of its launch, the latest operating system has created a real buzz in the market.

If you are still using the older OS, it’s a great time for you to upgrade! This is because if you are using a genuine copy of Windows 7 or 8/8.1, then you can easily upgrade to Win 10 for free.

Also, you can download the ISO file copy of Win 10 (32 or 64-bit) with media creation tool if you want to clean install the OS on any machine. This way, you must burn the downloaded file to DVD or copy to the USB drive then running the setup form there.

Yes, this is especially good news if you want to get a fresh copy of the latest OS. Of course, Microsoft is not sharing the links for free publicly but we are in the market for long time and we know where to download it and just share it here.

Click here to download different versions of Win 10. [Sorry, link removed]

Well, whether you use the Microsoft free upgrade offer or you purchase a new license off retail, you need to know the important of product keys as well as the activation process.


Do You Needs Windows 10 Activation Key?

If you are using a trial version or you just upgraded from the older OS to Win 10, then you do not need the serial key! But the trial version is free in a certain period of time and you need to get a real genuine copy only you can continue using all the program features!

So, basically the activation key is needed as it’s essential for you to setup the latest Win 10. During the setup process, you will be asks for the product keys, just skip the step and you can continue and complete the installation.

Please note that there is no universal key that you can use to activate all editions of Windows 10. In fact, each edition has their own unique product key that you will get upon purchasing a genuine copy of the software license.

I believe if you search around on the Internet, you will find many product keys but most of them are not working or showing error. The working keys usually contain 25-character alpha-numeric like for example VK7JG-NPHTM-C97JM-9MPGT-3V66T [fake-not working].

Note: If you enter a valid serial number during installation, once complete install the system and it will be automatically activated when the computer is connected to the Internet.


You Still Have Windows 10 Activator!!

Just in case if you cannot get the activation keys or it is not working, you still can use the third-party tools like Windows activator to activate the Microsoft latest OS.

In fact, those activator are already proven can do the activation job perfectly. I personally also tested it in many different editions of OS including Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10. Thus, I am able to recommend you some of the reliable tools that you can use.

Please note that I am offering the tools for education purpose and use it at your own risk. Many places you can download the loaders but some of them are not clean that may harm your PC. Visit the links for more details.


Conclusion: The Activation Keys VS The Activator

There are several ways to activate the Win 10 and the purchase of license or product keys are one of the traditional ways to get the job done. The latest OS also introduce another way called digital fulfilment to activate it.

The free way is to use the unethical Windows 10 activator and it also proven can activate the OS too. This is not recommended and I suggest you to use the software and support the developer once you can afford by purchasing a genuine copy of license.

No matter which method that you use to activate your computer system, I hope you can really enjoys and exploring the new OS that full of possibilities!