Top 3 Windows 7 Activator or Loaders

What is Windows Activation?

You should know that every Microsoft products i.e. Windows and Office required you to activate it before you can fully utilize their rich features.

The activation is a process to validate that your copy of the software is genuine and legal. Some people download the software from unreliable sources and install it but once you updates the Windows, the message “Your Windows is not genuine” may displayed.

This message show that the Windows is not legally registered with Microsoft and required you to purchase a valid license key and activate it. Once the Windows is successfully activated, the message will disappear.

So how do we activate Windows 7? Two ways:

  • Over the Internet
  • Using the Phone

Both methods required you to purchase an original license key (also called product key) from Microsoft in order to do the activation.

To start the activation process, click the Start button, then right-click on Computer, and click Properties. From the new window pop-up, click the Activate Windows now and continue with the on-screen instructions.‌

This is follow the proper way and you need to spend some money to purchase the product key (depending on the Windows 7 edition). However, here we are going to introduce to you another method that can activate Windows 7 for free. That’s the third way using the Windows activator.

windows 7 activator

Using Windows 7 Activator

The Windows 7 activator is a third-party standalone program that was develop with the purpose to illegally activate the Operating System (OS). When we say illegally, that mean without the knowledge of Microsoft and we force the Windows activation using the free activator that can be downloaded on the Internet.

So the activation can be achieve or not? Yes, you can use the tool to safely activate Win 7 and enjoys all the full features just like other users that bought the license key for activation.

In the market there are many activators or loaders that can be used to do the activation.


  • Windows Loader 2.2.2 by Daz

This is one of the most famous Win 7 activators that are highly recommended. You can use the loader to activate all the seven editions of Windows 7 permanently. It will run on 32-bit (x86) and 64-bit (x64) systems.

The interface is simple and easy to understand. You just need to click on Install button and the program will run the activation and show you the result after few seconds. Click here to download the Windows loader 2.2.2 now.

Visit here for more detail info on how to download and use the tool.


  • RemoveWAT 2.2.6

WAT stand for Windows Activation Technologies. As the name implied, this activator will remove the WAT from the OS but still retain the genuine status.

The program also comes with very simple user interface and you just need to click on Remove WAT button to activate the Windows.

Download RemoveWAT activator now.


  • Windows Loader Extreme Edition 3.503

This is another loader that is capable to activate Windows 7 successfully. The interface is slightly complicated as it contains several options for you to choose from.

To be honest, we do not test this loader on every editions of Win 7 and hence we cannot tell the reliability of this program. But the program instructions tell that it can be use for all editions of Win7.

If you are a normal user, just click on the Activate button under the Loader: section. For more advanced users, you can click the Advanced Mode to go for more customizations.

Click here to download the loader.


Conclusion: Download and Use the Activator Now

As all the activators have the same purpose that is to activate Windows, you can freely download and use any one of the activators recommended on this page.

In case if one loader cannot activate your OS, you can try the second tool to do the activation. As we let you download and use the tools for education purpose, you should always support the developer once you can afford.

Also, note that if you already use newer OS like Windows 8 or 10, then Windows 10 activator is more suitable for you.